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  • We specialize in management consulting, one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, live remote online training and workshops. We help others grow + create thriving cultures.


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    Our one mission is to help you build a thriving organization that inculcates a sense of meaning, power and purpose among everyone on the team.


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  • Conscious Management Consulting

    Better Culture | Bigger Impact

  • What We Do

    Better Culture | Bigger Impact

    Executive Team Alignment

    The power of alignment at your fingertips

    This service is designed to be used first, at the executive level to support your organization in identifying why the organization exists-- your noble cause that you seek to accomplish by being in business--and the core values that are already operating and running in your organization. Learn more here or Contact us for more information.

    Executive Coaching

    One-one-one and group values-based coaching

    In our “Why, Noble Cause, Core Values” offering, you will experience the unique experience of triadic coaching. We will work together with the your executive team in this endeavor. This same approach is offered to support teams who may be facing performance issues or who wish to elevate their performance to the next level; special project teams who could benefit from the support of coaches in developing and implementing challenging, complex projects. Contact us for more information.

    CMC Leadership Intensive™

    Powerful way to get stronger sooner

    This 10 week live remote program introduces 24 to 48 of your staff to a leadership and organizational culture development model that can serve as the basis for evolving a conscious culture that is truly collaborative. The Leadership Intensive will impart the conceptual model for developing a collaborative organization, and a vast array of tools to be used along the way. Further, participants will be placed into small teams at the beginning of the program with the goal of working on a real task or challenge they are facing at work, utilizing the lessons from class and applying the tools taught, and achieving results within 90 days. Contact us for more information.

    Keynote Speaking

    Communicating messages that people respond to

    We are available and truly enjoy presenting keynote speeches about leadership and collaboration. This is our passion and it comes through in our presentations. We have presented for a number of organizations including, most recently in 2019, at the International Coach Federation – Los Angeles Chapter. Contact us for more information.

    Facilitation Services

    Off-sites that produce actionable results

    As coaches we are experienced and adept at facilitating team retreats. We work with you to co-create the content you wish to cover at your retreat. It is your retreat, not ours, so we seek to deliver an experience with impact that is specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

    Assessment Tools

    Opening new doors to self-understanding

    The use of assessment tools are often a key to opening doors of discussion and insight among members of a team. We are experienced is the use of:

    • The DISC Behavioral Style Assessment
    • Workplace Motivators
    • 360 Instruments
    • Cultural Stages Assessments

    Contact us for more information.

    Customized Programs

    Designed to meet your specific needs

    We have extensive expertise in leadership, strategy, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Request a complimentary call with us to define the challenges you are experiencing in your organization. Based on what you tell us, we will craft a program specifically designed to meet your needs and address the challenges you face. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary call.

  • Our Core Values & Noble Cause

    To inspire the world to think differently about what is possible.

    Noble Cause:

    We are drawn to this cause for some very specific reasons. Our focus is on working with executives, senior leadership teams, and managers in building and sustaining organizations marked by collaboration and teamwork. We seek to work in collaboration with leaders who desire to change the experience of your organization for all stakeholders while making it fun to be at work.

    Core Values:

    Compassion - To bring compassion to every human interaction.


    Excellence - To drive excellence throughout organizations.


    Innovation & Creativity - To create cultures where innovation and creativity thrive!



  • About CMC

    CMC was founded in 2013, as an executive coaching and consulting team. We have alchemized our independent experience in corporate leadership, business management, and executive coaching to create and deliver powerful processes to help you achieve true transformation.

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